What Is In A Box?

So what is in A Healthy Day Food Box?

We have just launched our very first food box. Our goal with this food box was to feed a family of two for a week with less that £20 (5 days of evening meals).

Amazingly we have done just that and here is our first box, which came in at £18.63, which is an average of £1.86 per person a day, pretty awesome right!?

Visit our recipe book to find out what we have been cooking with it all


In our box is:

Mushrooms – 250 grams

Basmati Rice – 500 grams

Wholewheat Pasta – 500 grams

3 Large Onions

4 Vivaldi Potatoes

4 Tins of tomatoes

1 Tin of Kidney Beans

3 Peppers

1 Cucumber

2 Tins of Tuna

4 Garlic bulbs

1 Bunch of spring onions

1 Broccoli



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