COMING SOON: A Healthy Day food bags with hiSbe supermarket

After much hard work and planning, I am really pleased to say that we are very close to launching our first meal bags along with hiSbe Food CIC!

To begin with we will be selling two day meal bags containing recipes cards and enough ingredients to serve two dinners for 2-3 people.

Here is a sneaky peak of the bags and recipes cards that was leaked on Twitter early this year (my excuse for a poor iphone photo!)


We have decided to launch with four of our most popular recipes, which meal you will have two different meal bags to choose from in store:


We are all really excited about this and we are also in the midst of planning a social exchange programme with local charity Synergy … more news on that coming soon!


Pilot Project is a great success!

The past few months have so exciting for us, we have been working really hard on building our pilot scheme, which launched this week and it has been AMAZING!

For about a month now, Zoe and Toby have been building up the online Recipe Book, testing out weekly food boxes to find out the best combinations of food that can create exciting, healthy meals for as little cost as possible. You can check out what we bought and how much it all cost on the ‘What is in a Box’ page!

We have also printed our first run of hardback recipes books that we are hoping to use for a crowd funding campaign later this summer.


The most fantastic news is that we have now launched the pilot scheme and with the help of our friends at Wired Sussex, we have been delivering food around Brighton this week and six budding families have been cooking up delicious, affordable meals in their homes.

So on Monday 29th July, Toby took a massive delivery of healthy food and set about put together awesome ‘A Healthy Day’ food bags, jammed packed with great ingredients including; Tomatoes, Tuna, Kidney Beans, Broccoli, Ginger and much more!


With the help of Tom Nixon and Rebecca Watkins they set off around the town delivering the food to happy customers. Here are few of them with their bags in hand:

lc  Neil with Veg 2

Our happy families have been busy cooking all week and here are some of the great meals they have made with our super healthy food bags:

So what’s next?

We are now planning to develop a pricing structure for our food bags; we are aiming for to make them available from as little as £20 for a family of two, which would then provide enough food for at least 5 evening meals. We strongly believe that our food bags need to help families learn about shopping more effectively, get the most amount of healthy food at the lowest possible cost, but still being able to cook a variety of interesting and delicious meals every day.

So stayed tuned for further announcements and more opportunities to get involved.

Massive thanks to all the people at Wired Sussex, CityCamp, hiSbe Food CIC, Brighton & Hove Food Partnership and TEDx Brighton for all your support so far, you are all marvellous.

CityCamp Brighton

So this is where it all began!

Here is our presentation from CityCamp Brighton, which took place over 3 days in March! CityCamp have bravely invested in A Healthy Day, and with their help, we are hoping to build a project that will change lives in Brighton!

Here was Toby’s presentation from CityCamp that got him his success!